I have worked for 20 years and you have reduced my wages 10 times.
God has made me wealthy at your father’s expense.

Jacob bought Esau’s birthright and tricked his father Isaac into giving him the Blessing that belonged to his older brother. In fear of what Esau might do, Jacob ran away to the land of his mother, Rebekah, and started working for his Uncle Laban. Jacob had lived a very deceitful life and those seeds of deceit came to harvest under Laban. First, Jacob worked for 7 years to marry the younger daughter, Rachel. Instead, Laban tricked him into marrying the older one, Leah. This meant that Jacob had to serve him for 7 more years for the right to marry Rachel. During this long period of time Jacob was becoming a different man and turning his attention to God. (Genesis 25-29)

Laban saw that Jacob was honest and a hard worker. The Blessing of God that was on Jacob’s life was making Laban prosperous, so he did not want Jacob to leave. He began to change his wages and did this a total of 10 times. But as his family grew, Jacob was told by God that it was time to return to the land of his father. This presented a problem because he knew Laban would try and cheat him out of his wealth. In a dream, God revealed what he should do.

He told Laban it was time for him to be paid for all his work and the prosperity he had brought Laban. They agreed that Jacob’s wages should be all the lambs and goats that were born streaked, speckled, spotted, or dark. This way they would both know which animals belonged to each other. But Laban, always eager to get the upper hand, removed all the sheep and goats that fit that description and placed them with his sons. With those animals removed, it was less likely that white sheep and goats would produce streaked or spotted offspring. But Laban did not know that God was watching and would not let Jacob be cheated anymore.

Sheep In Love

Trust In The Lord. He Will Avenge Any Loss, And Bless You When You Walk In Love.

God instructed Jacob to place peeled white-streaked branches next to the watering troughs where the sheep and goats came to drink and mate. When they looked upon the branches, they produced speckled and spotted offspring, adding to Jacob’s flock and herd. When they matured and came back to mate, they produced even stronger and more plentiful offspring, ever increasing his wealth at Laban’s expense. Laban tried to change the deal, but the outcome would always favor Jacob. An angel even confirmed this to Jacob in a dream:

The angel said, ‘Look up, and you will see that only the streaked, speckled, and spotted males are mating with the females of your flock. For I have seen how Laban has treated you.’

(Genesis 31:12 <NLT>)

After Jacob’s wealth increased immensely, Laban and his sons were very jealous of his success. Jacob knew it was time to leave with all his family and goods. While his uncle was away shearing sheep, his family departed for his home. Laban and his sons pursued them for seven days before they caught up with them. But on the sixth night, God warned Laban in a dream, “Be careful what you say to Jacob.” (Genesis 31:24)

Laban approached Jacob and told everyone what God had said. He was not going to harm Jacob. But he was angry that his idols had been stolen from his home. The accusation offended Jacob. He rashly declared a curse of death on anyone who had taken the idols. Unbeknownst to him, his wife Rachel had taken and hidden them in her tent. One can only guess as to her motivation. The curse would manifest a short time later, when she died prematurely in childbirth. Life and death are in the power of the tongue. Choose your words wisely. Don’t open the door to the evil one to steal, kill, and destroy. (Genesis 35:16-20, Deuteronomy 30:11-20, Proverbs 13:2-3, 18:20-21, Matthew 5:33-37, 12:26-37, John 10:10, James 5:12)

Laban made a covenant of peace with Jacob. After bidding farewell to his daughters and grandchildren, he returned home with his sons and servants. The whole ordeal could have been dramatically different, but Jacob was learning that when you trust God, He will watch your back. No matter what scheme Laban could think up, it would always end up favoring Jacob. The favor of God is a powerful force on your life. (Genesis 30-32)

Even though Jacob had a rocky start, he learned to depend on God for everything. When he listened carefully to God, and obeyed His instructions, everything prospered. Not even his enemies could hurt him.

Jacob had every reason to despise Laban. He could have complained about his job, or simply not done his best work. Instead, he did his job the very best he could, treating Laban’s animals as if they were his own – and shortly thereafter, many were. God sees everything. When the Children of Israel (God would later change Jacob’s name to Israel) were enslaved in Egypt, God made sure that they left with all the wealth they and their ancestors had generated in that nation. When Satan stole everything from Job, God made sure he was not only restored, but ended up twice as wealthy. (Exodus 12:35-36, Psalm 105:37-38, Job 42:10-17)

As a Believer, God is your source. You have one command – to love God with all your heart, and to love others as yourself. That means whatever you do in life, do it as if God is your boss. Respect the leaders God has placed over you, and love them. Treat your employees like God’s very own children. Whether you are digging a ditch, or cleaning bathrooms, make sure that ditch is perfect in every way, and those bathrooms are spotless. One day, God may give you all the land where the ditch is located, or you may own the entire building housing those bathrooms.

Even if someone attempts to deceive, cheat, or abuse you in some way, forgive them and let God take responsibility for the offense. Vengeance belongs to Him. Remember, He is a God of mercy, so don’t pray for someone to be destroyed. That is not how God, who is Love, works. You do what you can do in love, and leave everything else to God. God’s Favor and Blessing will take care of you. (Leviticus 19:1-18, Psalm 94:1-23, Matthew 5:1-48, Mark 10:42-45, Romans 12:9-21, Ephesians 6:1-9, Colossians 3:18-25, Philemon 1:15-19, James 5:1-11)


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Sheep In Love – Image: Simon Howden / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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