Snakes! Sons of vipers! Hypocrites!
You cross land and see to make one convert, and then turn them into twice the son of hell as yourself.

Jesus loves everyone and was quick to forgive any sinner who approached him in faith. However, when it came to the religious leaders of his time, he pulled no punches. The Pharisees and Sadducees were the teachers, the political leaders, and should have been the spiritual role models for the nation of Israel. Instead, they had become corrupt, ignoring the most important commandment to love God and show mercy to His people. Jesus came to spread the Good News that God loves His people, and specifically to announce the arrival of the Kingdom of Heaven to the nation of Israel. Instead of welcoming their King, the religious leaders persecuted Jesus, leading to his crucifixion for calling God his Father, among other “horrible” things like healing folks on the Sabbath. Israel rejected the Kingdom and their King, postponing its arrival until Jesus returns again. It was the religious leaders who were most instrumental in Jesus’ rejection, and the unfortunate delay in the restoration of Israel’s divine position among the nations.

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